Thiago A. Fauvrelle

Thesis working title

An Economic Analysis of Judicial Performance

Short bio

Thiago Fauvrelle was born in France (1990) and grew up mainly in Brazil, where he obtained his Economics and Law degrees, both with first class honours. He holds a master in Economics from Aix-Marseille University and a LL.M from Erasmus University of Rotterdam & University of Hamburg. Currently, he is finishing his PhD thesis (on Economic Analysis of Courts) for the EDLE program and is a research associate (on financial regulation) at the University of Hamburg. Thiago speaks Portuguese, French, English and German. He has also reading and listening skills in Spanish and Italian.

Academic Background

2014-2015 Master in Business, Law and Economics (Aix-Marseille University)

2014-2015 LL.M. European Master in Law and Economics (Erasmus University of Rotterdam & University of Hamburg)

2009-2013 Bachelor of Economics with first class honours (Federal University of Paraíba)

2009-2014 Bachelor of Laws with first class honours (University Center of João Pessoa)

Summer courses at the Study Center Gerzensee(2017), Boston University (2013) and Perpignan University (2011)

Work Experience

2017- Research Associate (University of Hamburg)
2015-2015 External Consultant (European Commission)
2014-2014 Associate lawyer (Advocacia Carlos Aquino & Associados)
2012-2013 Asset management analyst (XP Investimentos), Undergraduate teaching assistant in Tax Law (University Center of João Pessoa)
2010-2013 Junior researcher on Economic Development, Monetary and Fiscal policy (Brazilian National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development)

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