Prof. Dr. Roee Sarel

Prof. Dr. Roee Sarel is a Junior Professor of Private Law and Law & Economics at the Institute of Law & Economics, University of Hamburg. He is both a lawyer and an economist. His dual-background includes a doctorate in Economics from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and degrees in law and business (LL.B & M.B.A) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His previous positions include a research associate (post-doc) at the Institute of Law & Economics in Hamburg, a lab manager (post-doc) at the Economics department of the Frankfurt School of Finance, an associate lawyer at a Litigation & Banking department of Yigal Arnon & Co. law firm; and various research and teaching assistant positions in law, economics, and finance. His research combines empirical, experimental, and theoretical methodologies and focuses on topics such as law & technology (e.g. AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies), crime, behavioral law and economics, product returns, and judicial decision-making.  He has published in both leading peer-reviewed journals (e.g. Journal of Legal Studies) and top law reviews (e.g. Georgetown Law Journal). More information can be found on his personal.