Practical Documents

EDLE Subsidy Policy


Sponsored EDLE events

All participating EDLE PhDs receive a contribution in the travel and accommodation costs for the 2nd & 3rd year Joint Seminar (amount dependent on annual venue), arranged via Rotterdam.


All 3rd year PhDs who have to travel to Bologna for the 3rd year seminar will receive a contribution in the travel and accommodation costs, arranged via their home university.


Funding for additional activities

The EDLE programme has limited resources for a contribution in the costs of extracurricular activities, such as conferences and workshops. Funding requests have to be addressed to and will be evaluated by the EDLE Board.


Before applying for funding through the EDLE, the PhD has to explore/make use of local (home university) subsidy possibilities.


By co-signing the form, the supervisor and local coordinator confirm that they are informed by the PhD and are supporting the activity (f.i. conference attendance) and that there are no local subsidy possibilities the candidate can appeal to.


Reimbursement percentage / amount

If the activity is approved by the EDLE Board, for a regular conference visit a subsidy of 50% of the costs, to a maximum of 300 euro is granted.


For an extraordinary opportunity, which would also positively contribute to the reputation of the EDLE, the Board may decide to grant a higher amount / percentage.

The maximum amount a PhD can be granted by the EDLE during his/her PhD trajectory is 1000 euro.


Application & reimbursement conditions

In order to apply for a subsidy, please fill in the subsidy application form and send the form, completed and signed (by all parties), to


In case a contribution in the costs is granted, the PhD will deliver a short report of the conference and the added value it had for him/her.


The reimbursement of the costs will only be made after the conference took place, after handing in the reimbursement form with proof of payment of all relevant costs and together with the short report.



EDLE Tuition and Waiver policy


General policy tuition fees

The yearly tuition fees amount € 3600 and can be paid in two instalments:


The first – non refundable – amount of € 500 has to be paid within two weeks after the acceptance to the programme. The remaining amount of € 3100 has to be paid before 1 October (start of the programme).


For the second and third year the full annual tuition fees have to be paid before 1 September of each subsequent year (max. three years).



Waiver request

The EDLE board can decide upon a (partial) waiver in exceptional cases, which has to be requested (by the candidate) to the board in a motivated email.


The board may decide to give a (partial) waiver for the second (and third) year if there is sufficient progress after the first year.