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EDLE Seminars

The EDLE Seminars are the forum of discussion for PhD students participating in the European Doctorate of Law & Economics (EDLE). They run yearly at the Rotterdam Institute of Law & Economics (RILE) from October until March, normally on Thursday afternoons.


PhD candidates are required to present their work-in-progress at the seminars (and give written peer feedback) where they discuss it with the RILE staff and visiting professors. The PhD candidates are also encouraged to submit their research papers to the RILE-BACT Working Paper Series.


Every year, the EDLE seminars host a number of invited speakers to discuss topics that are related to the ongoing research of the PhD students. External Law & Economics researchers are encouraged to submit a proposal for the EDLE seminars.
When it falls within the current research subjects of EDLE, they can be invited to Rotterdam to discuss it with the RILE staff and the PhD students. Papers presented at the EDLE seminars are very welcome for submission to the RILE-BACT Working Paper Series.


Schedule of EDLE Seminars
For the actual schedule of EDLE Seminars please click here.

Joint Seminar

A seminar for PhD candidates of Paris X (Paris Ouest) and Paris II (Panthéon Assas), Maastricht University, Erasmus School of Law and the European Doctorate in Law & Economics (EDLE).
This initiative commenced in March 2009, when PhD candidates working on topics with respect to the economic analysis of law (also law and economics) came together in Paris as a result of a cooperation between the universities of Maastricht, Paris, Erasmus School of Law and the European Doctorate in Law and Economics (EDLE). The idea was to provide a forum to PhD students to present their ongoing PhD research and receive feedback from senior law and economics scholars from the other institutions as well as from their colleagues. This first seminar was a great success whereby it was considered very fruitful to have this mutual exchange of ideas and stimulating criticisms. Since then the seminar is organised by the participating universities on a rotating basis.
The title of the seminar remains 'The Future of Law and Economics', symbolizing the fact that the PhD candidates constitute the future of law and economics and realizing that much of the research they undertake is in fact path-breaking and innovative.


Link to the upcoming Joint seminar

Course Academic Writing Skills for EDLE PhD students

The Academic Writing Skills course (see example course outline) is designed especially for PhD students and will be taught primarily for the 2nd year EDLE group (there is a possibility to add some EDLE’s of the previous year(s) and/or PhD students from the China Law Center of Erasmus School of Law). As experienced by previous EDLE students, this excellent course provides important tools to improve your academic writing skills.


EDLE Empirical Track

In addition to other courses, the EDLE programme offers an empirical track. The aim of the EDLE Empirical Track is to train the PhD candidates to use quantitative methods to answer legal questions. Each partner university in the EDLE offers at least one course. In Rotterdam, PhD candidates will attend two courses within the EDLE Empirical Track:


• Experimental Law and Economics
• Advanced Empirical Legal Studies: Research Design


EDLE Topical Seminars

Rotterdam also offers PhD candidates training of skills relevant to PhD work and further academic career, such as:

• Publication strategy
• Presentation skills


Further relevant activities:


Research programme Behavioural Approaches to Contract and Tort (BACT)
Together with members of the Rotterdam Institute of Private Law, RILE researchers participate in the programme Behavioural Approaches to Contract and Tort (BACT). The objective of this research programme is to analyse specific areas of law affecting contracts and torts, making use of insights from behavioural sciences.
On a regular basis, BACT organizes guest lectures and lunch seminars, invitations will be sent by email. EDLE PhDs are expected to attend all guest lectures and relevant lunch seminars.
The format of the BACT lunch seminars implies that attendants read the paper in advance and provide comments/feedback for a discussion (e.g. there will not be a presentation of the paper provided by the authors).
Link to the schedule of the BACT seminars.


Erasmus Graduate School of Law (EGSL)
EGSL is the Graduate School of Erasmus School of Law (ESL). Since the start of EGSL in September 2012, it assists PhD researchers in the first phase of their appointment in elaborating their doctoral proposal and guide them towards a successful completion of their PhD by the end of the fourth year.

• EGSL organizes PhD Lunch lectures from October through May. All PhD candidates, and in particular PhD candidates in their 2nd or 3rd year of research, are invited to

give a 30’ presentation to their peers, after which there is time for feedback and Q&A. The PhD lunch lectures are open to all PhD candidates of Erasmus School of Law. Lectures take place on a bi-weekly basis. The lunch lectures offer a platform where you can present your research and receive feedback from your fellow PhD candidates at ESL. And there is a free lunch!
• EGSL offers additional courses that are opened to EDLE candidates. For the list and schedule of courses click here.


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