Introduction to Empirical Legal Studies


At the beginning of their research period in Hamburg, usually in April or May, the institute of Law and Economics offers an introductory course in Empirical Legal Studies. The EDLE students are given the opportunity to hone their skills in the application of empirical methods, especially with respect to legal problems.


Annual Summer School in Law & Economics

The Annual Summer School in Law & Economics at the University of Hamburg features a six-week intense lecture programme held by internationally renowned scholars in Law & Economics.

Besides introducing the EDLE students to leading scholars in this research area the Summer School offers a wide range of advanced courses that complement the basic training of the EDLE students. In addition to the introductory course on the German Legal system the doctoral students will have the opportunity to attend specialised courses focusing as well on methodology as on specific topics of Law & Economics. These courses provide an in-depth experience and first-hand information. The topics of the Summer School are carefully chosen and represent research challenges of fundamental or current interest.

Moreover, during the Summer School EDLE students may use the opportunity to build-up their international research network with internationally leading scholars as well as with fellow doctoral students from different countries.

Participation in the Summer School is restricted to EDLE students, doctoral students of the Hamburg Graduate School on Law & Economics and selected doctoral students from other doctoral programmes with a focus on Law & Economics.

Upcoming Summer School:



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