Research Topics Hamburg

The University of Hamburg suggests the following subject areas and specific topics for doctorate research:

• Theoretical foundations of law and economics
• Institutional economics
• Development economics
• Internationalisation of the law
• Public choice and constitutional law
• Economic effects of constitutions
• Economics of the judicial organisation
• Economics of European integration through the four basic freedoms

• The rule of law under extreme conditions
• Law & economics of intellectual property laws
• Corporate governance
• Insolvency L&E
• Competition law
• Financial markets
• Banking and insurance
• Insurance and health law

• Consumer Law

The following topics are of special interest to the faculty and to possible supervisors at the University of Hamburg:

Topic 1.   Positive Constitutional Economics
Topic 2.   Economic Effects of Judicial Systems
Topic 3.   Integration of International and Intergenerational Justice in Economic Analysis
Topic 4.   The Economics of International Law
Topic 5.   The Precautionary Principle in International Environmental Law from an Economic Perspective
Topic 6.   The Law and Economics of Establishing a Single European Market
Topic 7.   Institutional and legal effects of the European Monetary Union and the European Stability Mechanism
Topic 8.   From Intermediate Institutions to the Rule of law in Developing Countries
Topic 9.   A legal and economic Analysis of the Principle of Good Faith and Related Clauses (read more)...
Topic 10. Comparative Corporate Governance and Agency Theory
Topic 11. Competition of Insolvency Laws in Europe, Insolvency of Company Groups (read more)...
Topic 12. Financial Market and Banking Regulation

Topic 13. The Rule of Law Under Extreme Conditions

Topic 14. Consumer Enforcement Law


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