Research Topics Rotterdam

The Erasmus University Rotterdam suggests the following subject areas and specific topics for doctorate research:

• Regulatory competition (e.g. competition between corporate laws)
• Private standard setting (for example setting of accounting rules)
• Analysis of energy market regulation
• Comparative law and economics of labor and employment law
• Risk regulation
• Law and economics analysis of specific areas in international trade law (e.g. trade and environment, trade and IPRs, trade and human rights)
• Law and economics of environmental law
• Organized crimes and environmental harms: solutions from law and economics
• Topics in the field of the economic analysis of tort law, the law of damages, insurance and private enforcement
• Law and the Corporate Governance of Banks

• The law and economics of cyber security

• The impact of procedural law on the economic analysis of tort law

• Economic Analysis of Criminal Procedural Law

• Public Choice and Behavioural Approach to Regulation


The following topics are of special interest to the faculty and to possible supervisors at the Erasmus University Rotterdam:

Topic 1.  Mass Litigation in Europe
Topic 2.  The Impact of Behavioural L&E on Accident Law
Topic 3.  Law and the Corporate Goverance of Banks
Topic 4.  Legal fees and organisational form
Topic 5.  Cost benefit analysis and regulatory impact assessment in government bureaucracies
Topic 6.  The economic analysis of litigation
Topic 7.  Internal organisation and regulation

Topic 8.  The Impact of Procedural Law on the Economic Analysis of Tort Law


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