Research Topics Bologna

The University of Bologna suggests the following subject areas and specific topics for doctorate research:

• The economics of crime
• Cultures of crime and legality
• Trust and trustworthiness in the absence of external enforcement
• Experimental law and economics
• Innovation under liability law
• Law and economics of social norms
• Law and economics of price discounts
• Structural models for demand estimation
• Evaluation of market power
• Ex-post merger evaluations
• Law and economics of shareholder voting rights
• Law and economics of corporate capital structure
• Law and economics of venture capital and private equity financing
• Economic analysis of takeover laws
• Economic analysis of laws governing going-private transactions
• Economic analysis of laws governing related-party transactions
• Functioning and moral hazard effects of the European Stability Mechanism
• Labour law and economics
• Economics of gender
• Hedge funds after US and EU regulatory inclusion: What effects?
• A L&E assessment of sovereign orderly default procedures
• Bank crisis and a L&E assessment of resolution funds
• A L&E appraisal of the new Market Abuse Directive in light of the experience accrued so far in the enforcement of the existing MAD in the European MSs
• Economics of the media
• Economics of religion
• Social interactions
• Managerial incentives and white collar crime


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